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As the competition continues to grow, we need your help to sustain the success of this exciting and impactful event! At last year’s State Competition, 46 schools throughout Florida were represented by 249 Mathletes and 63 coaches. These talented middle school students would miss this opportunity to shine without your help!

Only with the support of our members and member firms is Florida MATHCOUNTS possible.

Help Make a Difference and Sponsor Florida’s State MATHCOUNTS Competition today!

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2024 MATHCOUNTS Donors

Carl Bailey
John Barker
Joshua Bomstein
Timothy Bourne
Michelle Casale
Alfredo Cely
Andrew Cummings
Emilly Falcone
Mark Frederick
Gregory Fullington
Ronald Gott
Jonathan Gotwald
Katie Gower
Corinna Greico
Lori Hall
Robin Hernandez
Lesley Holler
Pam & Russell Hyatt
Sandra Johnson
Scott Johnson
George McGregor
Jessica McRory
Gordon Niles
Rafael Pazos
Rebecca Price
Felita Rackley
Lori  Rice
Jessica Rivera
Michael Springstead
Beth Steimle
Chris Towne
Amanda Wiegman
Mike Woodward

Did you know?
The Florida Engineering Foundation is the largest sponsor of Florida MATHCOUNTS, providing $13,000 of support this year!  

To view the MOU between FEF and FES, regarading MATHCOUNTS Click Here