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2018 Florida  MATHCOUNTS…had another successful year!

The Florida Engineering Foundation is proud to continue its sponsorship of the Florida MATHCOUNTS program, which culminated in the middle school math state competition.

Did you know?
The Florida Engineering Foundation is the largest sponsor of Florida MATHCOUNTS, providing $13,000 of support this year!  

After hours of rigorous testing and a thrilling, head-to-head Countdown Round, the top ten Mathletes® were finalized.  The top four Mathletes® are shown below and represented Florida in the National MATHCOUNTS competition.

2018 Florida MATHCOUNTS Top Winners

Coach | Lizabeth Colean-Hayes (Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville)

First Place | Jaedon Whyte (Doral Academy Middle School, Miami)

Second Place | Karthik Vedula (Fairview Middle School, Tallahassee)

Third Place | Atharva Pathak (Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville)

Fourth Place | Charley Cheng (Liberty Middle School, Tampa)


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  2. National Math Club
  3. Math Video Challenge


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