The Florida Engineering Leadership Institute (FELI) is a leadership program that puts training into practice. It was created to transition engineering professionals into community professionals and leaders within our societies, communities, and workplaces. Through its initial 10-month class, FELI enhances the leadership skills of its participants and sets out a clear pathway to put these skills into practice serving our profession and our communities. FELI also provides networking across the current and past classes, serving as an outreach group to business and community leaders.

FELI runs from November through August and consists of six sessions held in key cities throughout Florida. Each session focuses on a different aspect of leadership, ranging from development of personal leadership skills to team building, through interactive sessions and first hand accounts from experts in their respective fields.


Contact: Cherie Pinsky

cpinsky@fleng.org | 850.224.7121

2024 FELI Class Donors

Freeman Bass
Afton Bayer
Caitlin Breland
Eric Bridges
Taylor Campbell
Michelle Casale
David Crombie
Abhijeet Desai
S Fernandez
Christopher Frank
Angie Gause
Kenny Geisendorff
Dajana Gibson
Bhushan Godbole
Christin Gorman
Ronald Gott
Michael Greenberg
Saksham Gupta
Mary Hamill
Thomas Hayden
James Johnson
James Kanter
Joseph Losaria
Scott Martin
TS Mellen
Tony Melton
Carlos Morales
Holly Painter
Jason Parker
Ed Ponce
Alan Rayl
Roland Rodriguez
Scott Simmons
Gregory Stevens
Eric Stuart
James Thompson
David Tinder
Robert  Trompki
Cecilia Villoria
Jason Watts
Jonathon Williams