About Us

What is the Florida Engineering Foundation?

The Florida Engineering Foundation was established in 1986 to encourage and provide assistance to students pursuing engineering careers and to educate the public about engineering. The Foundation is a membership organization made up of Engineers and those who support the Engineering Profession. It is governed by a Board of 34 Trustees representing Engineers and Engineering Organizations from throughout Florida. The Foundation is authorized to receive and administer funds for charitable and educational purposes under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.

What are the Goals of the Florida Engineering Foundation?

  • To provide assistance to students in and entering into engineering studies
  • To provide resources to engineering programs in Florida
  • To promote diversity among students entering into engineering studies
  • To raise public awareness of the role of engineering in society.


The FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION Brochure is available to Members and prospective members for viewing and printout.

Download FEF Brochure

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What has the Florida Engineering Foundation done?

During our first twenty-five years, the Foundation has channeled over $860,000 to the MATHCOUNTS program.  In addition the Foundation has provided over $430,000 in scholarships and direct funding to numerous engineering education programs throughout Florida. These programs have included the Florida Engineering Society Scholarships, Florida Science and Engineering Fair, National Robotics competitions, engineering college student organization competitions, teacher awards and many others. At the same time the Foundation is growing its endowment in order to expand its ability to further support students and other engineering education programs (including K-12).

What will the Foundation do this year?

In spite of the difficult economic times that all non-profit, charitable organizations have experienced in recent years, the Foundation Trustees have committed to maintain approximately the same level of program support provided in the prior three years. In 30 years the budget provides for a total support of over $140,000, including $40,000 channeled to the MATHCOUNTS program, $42,000 in scholarships, $11,000 to the Florida Section ASCE West Point Bridge Contest, and $10,000 to Florida Engineering College student organizations.