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What is the Florida Engineering Foundation?

The Florida Engineering Foundation was established in 1986 to encourage and provide assistance to students pursuing engineering careers and to educate the public about engineering. The Foundation is a membership organization made up of Engineers and those who support the Engineering Profession. It is governed by a Board of 34 Trustees representing Engineers and Engineering Organizations from throughout Florida. The Foundation is authorized to receive and administer funds for charitable and educational purposes under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.

What are the Goals of the Florida Engineering Foundation?

  • To provide assistance to students in and entering into engineering studies
  • To provide resources to engineering programs in Florida
  • To promote diversity among students entering into engineering studies
  • To raise public awareness of the role of engineering in society.

The Florida Engineering Foundation supports a number of programs that enhance and encourage the educational pursuits and professional status of engineer.  They include:

  • Scholarships — The FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION will provide over 19 university engineering scholarships with a total value of $32,000 during the current fiscal year.  These scholarships are provided through joint programs with the following partners:
    • The Florida Engineering Society state organization and its chapters award over $75,000 in university scholarships annually.  For information about this program, including applications for the scholarships -Click here-
    • The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Central Florida Section has partnered with the FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION to create a University Scholarship Fund.  For information about SWE -Click here-.
    • MATHCOUNTS — The MATHCOUNTS program in Florida is administered by the Florida Engineering Society.  The FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION accepts tax deductible donations that help to fund the MATHCOUNTS competitions at both the state and local levels.  In addition the FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION provides over $6,000 annually in direct funding for MATHCOUNTS activities and awards.  For more information on the FES MATHCOUNTS program -Click here-.  


The FLORIDA ENGINEERING FOUNDATION Brochure is available to Members and prospective members for viewing and printout.

Download FEF Brochure

What has the Florida Engineering Foundation done?

During our first twenty-five years, the Foundation has channeled over $860,000 to the MATHCOUNTS program.  In addition the Foundation has provided over $430,000 in scholarships and direct funding to numerous engineering education programs throughout Florida. These programs have included the Florida Engineering Society Scholarships, Florida Science and Engineering Fair, National Robotics competitions, engineering college student organization competitions, teacher awards and many others. At the same time the Foundation is growing its endowment in order to expand its ability to further support students and other engineering education programs (including K-12).

What has the Foundation done this year?

FEF Annual Report  by Angelina Fairchild, PE, Chair of FEF

The Florida Engineering Foundation (FEF) is appreciative of the support of the Florida Engineering Society (FES) towards a common goal of being committed to engineering education. FEF was founded as a 501 C 3 charitable foundation in 1986, and FES has had a symbiotic partnership with FEF since its inception. In this partnership, FEF has provided investment oversight of funds for some of the FES Chapters, funds for FES college and high school academic scholarships, support for the FELI program and many others. FEF accepts tax-deductible contributions for MATHCOUNTS® in addition to supporting FES’s state MATHCOUNTS ® program with FEF funding. In return, FES has provided exposure, accounting support and access to FES annual conference venues to host FEF fundraising events. Most of the 34 Trustees that make up the Board for the FEF are FES members and our relationship with FES is highly valued.

For the fiscal year 2017-18 the Board of Trustees budgeted over $80,000 in support of scholarships and programs, including the following:

  • Scholarships – $30,000 for FES scholarships, $4,000 for named scholarships that FEF administers in restricted accounts and $8,000 for FELI
  • MATHCOUNTS® – $12,000 in direct support of the State competition including a designated allowance for coach’s recognition and a Coach of the Year Award as well as anticipating $50,000 in pass-through contributions.
  • Partnerships with related organizations – Continuing in the tenth year of a ten-year agreement with the Florida Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), where FEF provides $5,000 in support of an ASCE program (previously the West Point Bridge Competition).  In addition, FEF manages ASCE donations into a restricted fund within
  • Florida Engineering College Support – $1,500 in contributions to each of the major eight Florida engineering colleges to help fund involvement in student engineering competitions
  • Support of K-12 Initiatives – $1,000 in support of the FES and FCTM programs
  • Program Support—$2,000 for the Florida Engineering Education Conference in support of their initiatives. In addition to the designated budget, so far the Board of Trustees has approved support for the UNF Orbital Osprey Program and the Engineering for Kids
  • Inspire Program organized by the Engineering Student Chapter of FSU-FAMU to provide engineering outreach to 1,000 minority students.
  • ACE Mentor Program scholarship and sponsor
  • FIRST CADD sponsor
  • FES’s Florida Engineering Education’s Practice Section (FEE) Student Summit Day at FES Annual Conference
  • Embry -Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) sponsorship towards their SECME  engineering “summer camp” students at their Daytona Campus for 160 students.

The Florida Engineering Foundation obtains its funds for the scholarships and program support noted above through direct contributions, both individual and corporate, and by fundraising activities, many in conjunction with the Florida Engineering Leadership Institute and the Florida Engineering Society Annual Conference.On behalf of the entire board, I want to thank the many volunteers who donate their time to both create and manage the fundraising activities. We also thank those who have chosen to support FEF through their contributions. I would ask when you budget for giving back to your profession, please consider the Florida Engineering Foundation as a worthy cause. At this year’s conference we are hosting a fundraising dinner, a golf tournament and a silent auction.

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